Kaleidoscope Rocks the Literary World!

Dina Towbin wrote this great piece about the writers reading event in Lima this month. I got to read one of my short stories again. It was fun! Now that Covid has forced us to go virtual, our annual event has become very international, allowing many more of us to participate. Nevertheless, I know we … Continue reading Kaleidoscope Rocks the Literary World!

Southern Writer from New England

I feel confused over my obsession with southern writers. Sometimes I can’t figure out if my story is about characters from my New England upbringing or about folks from the South. Both places offer a rich opportunity to write about strange people with peculiar accents. Both have a relationship with certain types of food. But … Continue reading Southern Writer from New England

One of the Famous Authors from “My Island”

This video about the author Ernest Gann has many scenes from "my island" - San Juan Island in Washington state, where I lived for many years. A prolific author and artist, Gann always followed his passions - flying, boats, jumping out of an airplane in his 70's. Gann wrote numerous top selling books, including "Fate … Continue reading One of the Famous Authors from “My Island”