Neighbors Should Talk to Each Other

“Hi! I need to know who did my husband’s physical therapy appointment this morning so I can find out if he was able to walk further today.” It seemed like such a simple request. I had finally learned that I was allowed to venture up the hall to the nurses’ station to ask questions. The … Continue reading Neighbors Should Talk to Each Other

The Weekly Panic Update

Well! That was a quick week. The first notice of non coverage was received on 6/25, sixteen days after the transfer from the hospital to the SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) for rehabilitation. It might seem a bit optimistic to think that someone with multiple medical problems who was admitted unable to walk or speak a … Continue reading The Weekly Panic Update

Never Follow the Rules

Rule #1: Never follow the rules - at least not without further investigation. Everyone is friendly and pleasant, anxious to let you know that everything that needs to be done for your loved one will be handled by the facility. If outside medical appointments are needed, there is someone who will schedule them and transport … Continue reading Never Follow the Rules

The Weekly Panic

An insurance company is not a charitable social service organization. An insurance company is a business. A business like any other, providing services for compensation in order to produce profits for their shareholders. The higher the profits are, the happier the shareholders are. Higher profits also mean higher compensation packages for upper management.  How do … Continue reading The Weekly Panic

I Am That 74-Year-Old Grandmother

Yesterday’s ‘Questionable Statements about the Corona Virus’ award goes to Florida’s Governor DeSantis who said this: "If you're a 22-year-old working in food services, let's say at a supermarket, you would have preference over a 74-year-old grandmother. I don't think that that is the direction that we want to go." DeSantis wants Florida to ignore … Continue reading I Am That 74-Year-Old Grandmother

Autumn Birthday

This is my entry for the Official Kidlit #FallWritingFrenzy! Writers choose a picture from 15 different images and write a 200-word story using the picture as inspiration. Autumn Birthday Autumn is for homecoming, she’d said on the phone.  Driving up the highway, I thought the foliage that year was the most beautiful ever. But my heart … Continue reading Autumn Birthday