The Val Wood Prize

I’ve received notice that I am on the short-list for this year’s prestigious Val Wood Prize for my short story, ‘Mr. Miller.’ I am over the hill with excitement. The submission call was for ‘feel good’ stories. Jess Federle, of my ‘Lima’ group, had told me about the contest, for which she thought Mr Miller was a perfect fit. I love my writers’ group. Besides being great friends, they constantly provide inspiration and some awesome coaching.

Update: It took several months – these things always take time and, you know, Covid – but the winner was finally announced. It was not me. It was such a rush, such an honor, to be short-listed from a “staggering amount of entries from all over the world,” that I have to say I do not feel let down over not being the final winner. You can read the stories that won here.

The contest is now open for the 2021 prize, so get busy, my writer friends. The deadline is August 28th and this year’s theme is ‘Now and Then.’ Val is looking for “originality and creativity that celebrate societal changes that have made the world a better place for communities or individuals.”

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