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A Hundred Years Ago – or so it seems, although by the date on the front page, I see that it was actually 27 years past – I wrote this article about what was then my life. Sometimes I think I really miss that life. Well, maybe not that life, but certain parts of it. I miss the good friends I had there. I miss the ferry rides (but not the nights when I missed the last ferry getting home from the mainland, or the days when getting in the car lane an hour early still wasn’t soon enough to make it on). I miss the small town life and sitting on my deck watching and listening for the whales.

Posted by laurisburns

Writer, traveler, cook, photographer, graphic designer, depending on the day of the week and my mood at the moment.


  1. […] I will. But meanwhile, I remember that I did once write a bit about it. Many years ago, it was a front page article in the local paper. That’s not one of the “bad” memories that one wants to […]



  2. lovely bit of reflection, full of flavor and history



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