Bitty & Beau’s

I’m thinking that every time that I wake up feeling pissed or depressed or horrified about the latest loss of life from war, forced migration, generalized hatred, environmental disasters, gun violence, the general condition of the world, the latest hateful tirade from the president of my country or something else threatening to mess up the wires in my brain and the actual lives of millions of human beings, I should find something about someone in the world who is doing something big or small to bring positive change to our world. I should then take a deep breath and re-read the paragraph that I have written totally composed of one run-on sentence. After that, I should write a post, with link to the information about the positive change maker before writing about any of the things that have me ready to rant and rave about things that piss me off or horrify me.

That said, it would appear that would mean I would need to find a positive thing to post about every day! We’ll all have to take a deep breath and think about the significance of that. Meanwhile, here is today’s person who is making an amazing difference in the world we live in. We discovered this awesome coffee shop last year. The attentive, friendly employees all clearly enjoyed their jobs. The place was simply filled with happy people, workers and customers both. I remember being impressed that the staff were all donating their tips to help the people who had been devastated by the hurricane in Houston. Since then Bitty and Beau’s story has become well known since Amy Wright, the owner and originator of the concept, won the CNN Hero of the Year award.

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