One of the Famous Authors from “My Island”

This video about the author Ernest Gann has many scenes from “my island” – San Juan Island in Washington state, where I lived for many years. A prolific author and artist, Gann always followed his passions – flying, boats, jumping out of an airplane in his 70’s.

Gann wrote numerous top selling books, including “Fate is the Hunter,” “Island in the Sky,” “Song of the Sirens,” “Band of Brothers,” and “The High and the Mighty,” many of which were made into films. In spite of his success, Gann suffered long periods of writer’s block, and frequently worried that he would run out of ideas.  He had “strong feelings of self-doubt and often expressed surprise at the critical praise he received.”

Gann said he would like to “be an inspiration to older people, to let them know that a second career is possible at any age.”




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