Thoughts and Prayers

To all the politicians out there who are sending their thoughts and prayers in light of the latest mass slaughter of our nation’s children, may I remind you that, while you may pray anytime you want in this country, as many of us are doing right now, we didn’t send you to Washington to pray – we sent you to DO something.

For 17 kids in South Florida, it’s a little late for your “thoughts and prayers.” Taking some action to ensure that this doesn’t happen over and over and over again would be more appropriate at this time.

Yes, I heard you say that this is “not the time to talk about it.” That’s what you said after Columbine. After San Bernardino. After Sandy Hook. After Orlando. After Las Vegas. After the Baptist Church. After all the rest of them. And now Parkland. When, may I ask, will be a good time to talk about it? More importantly, when will be the right time to DO something about it.

I readily admit that I do not have all the answers. But I do know that we the people put you in office to do something more than send your thoughts and prayers when our young people are being slaughtered on a regular basis.


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