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Sitting Around on Porches

I think this story comes from the desire not just to become a front porch person, but also to become a “southern writer.” That isn’t to say that I would become a southerner. I still don’t really like sweet iced tea. I think my New England memoir style comes from being a New Englander yearning to be a Southern writer.

Southern Writer from New England

For some time now I’ve been confused over my obsession with southern writers. I get all conflicted trying to figure out if I want to be a New Englander writing in the South, or a Southerner writing about New England. Sometimes I can’t figure out if my story is about […]

Southern Accents

And try not to sound so damned yankee! Not the typical advice from a law professor perhaps, but she hadn’t asked for advice on interpreting some obscure community property ruling. Her need on this sweltering Mississippi afternoon was for advice on how to talk to the judge who would rule […]