Dress with Character

It has often occurred to me that the dress style where I live now is basically a no-style style. I find most attire that I see on the street to have a certain flair that makes me happy. But it would be impossible to define the local style because it seems to be whatever the wearer wants it to be. Kind of reminds me of what my artist husband always said when asked “What is it?” about one of his wild and wacky abstracts: “It’s whatever you want it to be” was always his response. And in my town, that’s what the dress style feels like.

You wear whatever you feel like wearing on that particular day. Unlike my previous hometown, where a friend needed to tell me that the handbag she was carrying at the supermarket cost over $300, wealth or a need to display it has no place here. Deciding what to wear is more dependent on mood than on budget. Dressing down or dressing up are equally acceptable, whether at the theater or a ball game. I love my new town

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