The Azaleas Always Bloom

March 13, 2023:

So I just came across this thing I wrote on April 16, 2021! Apparently I was venting to myself but was in no mood to post it anywhere at the time. Gene departed this world, leaving a huge blank space where he had been, only five months after I wrote this. Looking back on that time now, it occurs to me that we had managed for over a year with Covid requirements that we had expected might last a week or two. Like many things related to medical care, I later learned that what I had been told was incorrect. I did not indeed have a choice about which hospital to go to via ambulance. It’s complicated. My lovely Sweet Pea and my MacBook continue to treat me well. I love technology and am now excited about the amazing things happening with AI. Probably what made me start thinking about all this was the mention that when I wrote this, I had just discovered my auto tag had expired seven months earlier. And just today, I realized my driver’s license expired last month. Another aggravating chore to find time for.

On the good news front, after our amazing Azalea Festival being cancelled because of Covid in 2020 and again in 2021, it was finally on again in 2022 and elder son Mark even traveled here for the event. We had a fabulous time touring the gardens and historic homes, in spite of the fact that the azaleas had come early and were mostly gone before the festival. And this year, over a month early again, they are already in full bloom. We will enjoy them while we have them, especially since a freeze is forecast later this week. Climate change is causing all sorts of havoc.

What a Week! (April 16, 2021)

So in the past ten days or so, I’ve had to call for 911 assistance three times. Two of those times resulted in trips to Emergency, with all the tests and waiting that usually involves. Gene is OK but continues to weaken and require more and more assistance with daily activities. I am worn out. There’s a reason I didn’t go to nursing school.

No blowing action when starting my car resulted in a visit to Sweet Pea’s previous home – the Kia dealership, where they replaced a little thing in the heating / AC system and gave her the loving care that she normally receives every six months (although this time it had been 18 months because you know, Covid). While there, the service person asked if I would like them to do the state required inspection, seeing as how the tag had expired last September. Oh, well, I can’t be on top of everything all the time.

The mass shooting in my town last week was three blocks from my home. It’s still being investigated but apparently was ‘one of those things’ that happen when a house party gets out of control.

In other local news, a local high school volleyball coach has been charged with sex crimes against students. This after a teacher committed suicide last week the day after being charged. In both cases, the crimes they were charged with occurred decades ago. Neither, of course, has yet been proven guilty, but again I’m reminded that so many of these cases involve someone reporting abuse that they’ve been living with throughout their life because they were unable to report it when it happened. The results of our history continue to affect people today.

There’s always good news

During one of the EMS events, I was asked if I had a preference as to hospital. It was the first time I’d been told I had a choice. He can now be taken to a much smaller, more personal and attentive facility which is owned by the same company and only a few miles further away.

My MacBook now has a (brand new) battery. This after arriving for my appointment for installation the first time only to realize I had packed the laptop in my daypack but left the new battery on the sunroom table. I got another appointment for the same day.

The cost of car maintenance did not involve the sale of my firstborn – or his brother or sister for that matter.

I had not been stopped by the police for lack of current tag or any other reason since September, thus avoiding untold problems that might have ensued. Although of course, as a white woman, I probably would have survived the event alive. My new tag is now on the way.

I got to visit my next door neighbor yesterday and see her gorgeous new kitchen. The two of us stood in the middle of the room admiring every detail, thrilled to death that we were able to be there. It was, of course, the first time I’d been in anyone’s home in over a year. She was over the moon last month when she was able to get the J&J vaccine, which as of this morning the CDC has recommended pausing.

Over 30% of North Carolinians have now been fully vaccinated against Covid. It’s now much easier to obtain the inoculation.  (One still wonders about the county that’s decided not to provide any more shots because of lack of demand; only 24% of their residents have been vaccinated.)

In spite of the cancellation of our famous Azalea Festival for the second year in a row, nature has taken over and my world is in bloom. Everywhere I look, there’s color that wasn’t there yesterday.

Did I forget to mention the 4 am failed alarm system and resulting battle with the security company?

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