Is That Too Much to Ask?

Wouldn’t it be lovely, I often think to myself, if I could log on in the morning, perhaps from home while having my first cup of coffee, to see how my husband slept last night at the rehab facility? What a delight it would be to see what he had for breakfast, and whether he ate it. His schedule for the day, what therapists he would see and at what time, would allow me to plan my day in a way that made some kind of sense, and maybe allowed for some level of productivity. A report of what accomplishments he had achieved the previous day would give comfort that progress was being made. OK. Even as I write this, I realize how stupid and unachievable this all sounds, in spite of the fact that in 2021, it seems totally reasonable to me. Assuming that my ‘pie in the sky’ scenario is not going to happen, wouldn’t you think a simple white board on the wall system could at least be implemented. Something with at least a list of the nurses, therapists and others who would be on his case today. Maybe at least with therapy appointment times? Hell, give me something here! I feel like I’m engaged in a huge life and death mystery game – and I’ve been set up to lose before the board is even set up.

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