The Weekly Panic Update

Well! That was a quick week. The first notice of non coverage was received on 6/25, sixteen days after the transfer from the hospital to the SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) for rehabilitation. It might seem a bit optimistic to think that someone with multiple medical problems who was admitted unable to walk or speak a coherent sentence or to make the hands work to perform basic tasks. But of course the insurance company must be optimistic. Because they need to send people home, ready or not – in order to increase profits. If they issue ten automatic “your coverage will end” letters and just two people don’t understand that it’s just a threat, the insurance company wins. Two people who get no more of the medical care that they need because they believed the insurance company when they said it appeared the patient no longer needed it. 

6/24 Thursday – First denial letter received (provided by SNF social worker, who received it from the insurance company); appeal filed by phone; received phone call on Friday 6/25 informing that we had won the appeal.

7/2 Friday  – Second denial of coverage notice received; appeal filed by phone; appeal approval received by phone on Sunday 7/4.

7/9 Friday  – Third denial received; filed appeal; rec’d call saying we won the appeal on Sunday 7/11.

7/13 Tuesday – Fourth denial received; filed appeal Wednesday morning. Waiting for the response; trying not to hyperventilate. 

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