River Stories

Swimming HoleThere were snakes in that river. That’s why we were never to go there alone. I never saw a snake, but I knew they were there. Our mothers said so.

We had just moved to our new town in June. We would have moved earlier but Mom said we had to wait for the end of the school year. Dad had a new job. …

This story is going to take a while to write. I’ll try to keep you updated.

Update, as promised 6/20/20:

There were “a few” interruptions, but our girl Debra is now back on track. The first four chapter drafts are looking good. Only 26 or so to go! Back to work. More later!


OK. Here’s the thing. I actually wrote this story as a nice little flash fiction piece. Then my amazing writers’ group friend Sara Fajardo, who writes, among other things, incredible childrens’ books, saw a middle grade novel in it. Well, it took a while for me to get what she was seeing, but she kept poking me about it until I finally started writing more about my young protagonist Debra. If nothing else, I decided, perhaps I had the beginings of a book of short stories. Ten or twelve short chapters into the novel that Sara believed I had to write, I woke up one morning with the realization that all the agonizing I had been doing over the plot was meant to show me that I had the wrong hero. Wow! So now that I’ve re-written all of my “notes to self” and sketched out a rough idea of where this thing is going, won’t it be fun to see if it now will proceed to “write itself!” Regardless of my path forward, I feel like I’ve already learned some pretty cool lessons, and I’m having fun doing it! More later!

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