Living with an artist often means hearing comments that may not make sense to a “normal” person.

When we first moved to Peru, it surprised me that no one seemed to know what an aguacate was. Everywhere else we had been in the Spanish speaking world, the mighty avocado was called “aguacate.” After 3 months living in Lima, it occurred to me one day to ask the waiter what an “ensalada de palta” was. He didn’t have any other words to explain it, so in my best “how to learn about something I’ve never heard of before” style, I ordered one. What a shock to be served a huge portion of creamy green avocado on a salad of fresh lettuce, shredded carrot and bits of other veggies. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said to myself or anyone else who would listen. Served at no extra cost with my ten sol (3 dollars or so) lunch. Never pass up an experience just because you don’t know what it is.

Oh! And the artist’s comment of the day? “Wouldn’t it be nice,” he asks, “if avocados came with zippers so you wouldn’t have to peel them?”

Posted by laurisburns

Writer, traveler, cook, photographer, graphic designer, depending on the day of the week and my mood at the moment.

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