Writing & Passion

cropped-womanwithbook.pngWe should write about the things that we are passionate about. Otherwise, why bother? Most of us find things to get excited about or to rant and rave about everyday. These are the things about which we are passionate. Thus it seems that writer’s block cannot exist. Each day all we need to do is write about the things that we feel passionate about on that particular day. If we’re excited about the subject, it should make exciting writing. So just write.

My stories are a hodge podge of my random thoughts and interests. Some are based on memories from my small town New England upbringing. Others are thoughts generated from my world travels, but more and more my writing will tend to focus on the various topics about which I feel passionate – immigration, health care, consumerism, the environment, racism and bigotry …

The way my brain works …

I am probably passionate about too many different things. It often feels like my brain is composed of a large bag of marbles, and someone has dropped them on a hard surface, causing all of them to pop, jump and scatter about, making it tough to focus on any one particular topic. I truly admire people who are so passionate about one particular subject that they zone in on it to the exclusion of everything else.

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